Our Mission

Intermidia works at the intersection of culture, language, marketing and revenue. Our websites, videos, communications solutions and event packages are built with our clients’ futures in mind. We only work with strong businesses ready to cause breakthroughs in branding and marketing and who want to create a powerful future of consistent, explosive growth. Of paramount importance is our clients’ happiness and satisfaction. We know the game has been won when we meet our clients again to hear their stories of victory over their past marketing experiences.

Core goals

  • Cultivating client loyalty & community engagement through accountability, transparency and results-driven solutions

  • Delivering measurable value to our clients’ business objectives by providing goal specific, cost-conscious marketing solutions

  • Utilizing industry experts to holistically and creatively approach social media & Internet marketing for every client


Some of our clients

Target International Student Center
I Love Milkshakes
Skin Laser Online
Inman Motors
The Braces Places