Conversion Optimized Email Marketing

If you had your own Email Marketing Team, what would that mean for you? It would mean having a team of Email Marketing professionals with the ability to create effective email campaigns that generate a return on investment.
From graphic design, to crafting your message and HTML interactive programming, this team can do it all for you. As an element of a comprehensive marketing plan, email campaigns benefit a business in several ways.

  • Brand Recognition. Checking email is a task that everyone undergoes on a daily basis. By periodically appearing in your market’s inbox, you are increasing their awareness of your company and improving the chances of them calling on you when the time comes.

  • Capitalize. Email marketing is an efficient and inexpensive way to market to your existing contact list. From launching new products to running promotions, a well developed email campaign will help maximize your revenue from existing customers.

  • Engage Prospects. Good Email Marketing programs are designed and specifically crafted for each individual target market. Developing separate emails for separate markets allows for a more specific message which leads to greater relevance to your audience and an increased ROI.