Video Production & Marketing

Promotional videos are an extremely effective method of spreading brand awareness on the internet while generating leads and driving sales. Promo videos can take the form of a company overview, product sales pitch, service explanation, special promotion offer, and everything in-between. In fact, the most effective videos on the web are usually not advertisements in the strictest sense.

Only about 1.2% of all web videos viewed from 2011-2012 were traditional advertisements. In a world where the user has the ability to skip, fast forward, and mute just about every ‘commercial’ they see – quality content is king.

Web videos are proven to enhance search engine rankings, increase brand recognition, and create highly effective social advertising campaigns.

Our Process

Smart Source’s video production process begins with a discovery session. During this time, the concept for the video is developed, the target audience is defined, and the ultimate objective is determined (boost specific product sales, increase average time on website, ‘like your page on Facebook, etc.).

Once the concept is created, the script writing process begins. During script development, the details of the video are finalized. The basic promotional video includes up to 1 minute, text/graphics animation, and a professional voiceover.

Of course, certain video campaigns may require additional features such as longer length, an on-screen actor/actress, or even a live on scene photo shoot with multiple actors.
Smart Source is able to accommodate these requests at extremely discounted rates.