Mobile Website Design & Development

mobile-website-designConsumer behavior is constantly evolving, and over the last couple of years this evolution has taken them mobile. More and more people are using their mobile devices to research products and services, especially after they are made aware of a brand by another medium (71% of users who see a TV, Press, or Internet Ad do a subsequent mobile search for the business or industry).

Full size websites – even websites that are ‘mobile-friendly’ – simply do not satisfy the needs of the average mobile viewer. A person searching from a mobile device is, by nature, in need of a different website than someone sitting at a computer.

Simply put, they need a website that cuts out all non essential images and content, is easy to navigate with their fingers, loads quickly, makes the important information easily accessible, allows the viewer to ‘click-to-call’, and must be designed specifically for easy viewing on mobile devices. Smart Source designs mobile ‘mini sites’ that appear more like apps than websites, and cater specifically to the needs of a viewer on the go.

We have also developed code that will allow us to automatically redirect mobile users to your mobile site. Of course, our sites are developed so that the mobile viewer can bypass the mobile version of the site and view the ‘desktop site’ if they choose.